SpinDrive | A Propeller Chip™ Based Engine Control System
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0) General Specification

0.1) Hardware

SpinDrive is partly composed of standardized hardware used to control the physical engine. See Section 1 for specific details.

0.1.1) Driver Board

The Driver Board shall contain all of the input conditioning, output driving, and harness connector circuitry. The Driver Board is intended to be a flexible design, containing different numbers and configurations of circuits depending on the desired featureset and application. Dimensions

The dimensions of the driver board shall adhere to a minimum size only, to be compatible with the layout of the board-to-board interconnection. Actual shape, size, and mounting configuration shall be determined by the designer and application.

The minimum dimensions are not yet specified. External Connectors

The external connectors shall be composed of both standard and custom types, and will be used to tune and control the engine. The location of those connections shall be chosen by the designer.


Custom Examples Internal Connectors

The internal connectors shall be of a standard type and layout, and will be used for board-to-board interconnection.

The type and layout are not yet specified. Component Layout

The component layout shall be specified by the board designer. It shall not interfere physically with the Processing Board when the two boards are mated. Input Circuits

The input circuits shall be composed of both standard and custom components. Driver Circuits

0.1.2) Processing Board

0.2) Firmware - Coordinator

0.3) Firmware - Supervisor

0.4) Software